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Many times people are looking for a solution to a problem in their life.  The problem may be a professional problem that is related to their job or career.  Or the problem may be a personal one that is affecting the way they deal with the rest of their life.  They may need to find a solution to a huge problem at work, or they may be feeling less than satisfied with the turn their life has taken.  No matter why they need answers, or how they want to find those answers, there is a method and means for them to accomplish it.  They simply need to decide how they want to tackle the problem.

          Consultants and coaches are available to help clients reach their fullest potential.  The key to reaching that potential is to empower themselves with the strongest tool available.  In some cases this will be a consultant and in other cases it will be a certain type of coach.  The method that they choose will depend on their needs and in what direction they want to focus their energies.


          Sometimes asking for a little help while looking for a solution or trying to achieve a goal is difficult for some people.  This is becoming less the case as more people and corporations are turning to coaches and consultants to help them find viable solutions to problems or help in manifesting their dreams.  Consultants and coaches are trained to assist people by providing them with the best training and latest techniques available. 

          Some coaches and consultants will work together in what is known as a “hybrid” mode.  This simply means that clients get the best of both the consultant and the coach to help them create solutions.  In other words, they get advice and experience to push them forward, motivation and brainstorming techniques when they’re at a standstill, and insight and inspiration to push them to their highest potential in both their professional and personal life.  

          This book will provide you with information for both the consulting and the coaching business and provide you with the information you need to start your own consulting or coaching business.  This book will:


·        Explain the differences between consulting and coaching

·        Define what consulting/coaching is all about

·        Introduce different types of consultants/coaches

·        Discuss things you need to consider before starting your own consulting/coaching business

·        How to get started

·        How to market your consulting/coaching business

·        Provide you with consulting/coaching tips


After reading this e-book you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not the consulting or the coaching business is for you.



Consulting vs. Coaching: The Differences

Both consulting and coaching involve the use of a skilled, trained professional to assist a client in achieving goals, but each entity is considered a different form of support.

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