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4.     Accounting: Every company needs someone to “do their books”, and accountants are the fastest growing segment of the consultancy class today.

5.     Communications/Public Relations: This is an area commonly outsourced by companies for whom it is simply not cost effective to have a full-fledged internal communications or public relations department.  Also, as companies grow, they may find the need to add on a small staff, over time, to handle these tasks.  If finding a permanent position within an organization via your consultancy is your goal, then communications/PR consultancy may be just the field for you.

6.     Auditing: Companies outsource a wide variety of auditing responsibilities to third parties due to efficiency and lack of bias that could cloud the judgment of internal employees.  One example of a thriving auditing consultancy is the current booming retail inventory market, which is currently dominated by the large inventory firm, RGIS, but has room for individual entrepreneurs to generate a fair amount of business.

7.     Gardening: A green thumb is a god given talent that not everyone in the world is gifted with.  You can network via golf courses and social clubs to attain highest visibility amongst those who may wish to retain the services of an expert gardener

8.     Human resources: HR is the perfect fit for those out there with highly refined people skills.  If you have strong communication skills (both verbal and written) and enjoy working directly with people, then an HR consultancy is right up your alley.  This is also another common position for companies to outsource, particularly amongst high tech startups.

9.     Payroll management: This is an area that companies commonly do not wish to handle internally.  It requires a skill set that shares characteristics of accounting and human resources above, and can be very lucrative if done well.

10. Marketing: Much like we outlined in the Business example above, in the course of building your own consultancy, you may find that marketing is a particular strength of yours.  Companies will often hire consultants outside the hierarchy of the internal “org chart” in the interest of getting a “fresh viewpoint” or “thinking outside the box” when it comes to marketing a new product or service as well as kick-starting existing campaigns.

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