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No matter what type of a coach a client is looking for there is sure to be one to fulfill the need.  You can specialize in one area of coaching or you may want to consider combing one or more coaching types together. 

          There are many tools and methods that a coach can use to get clients to recognize their goals and find solutions their own solutions to realizing those goals.  This is the key feature of a coach: to ask the right kinds of questions to steer the client in the right direction to find their own answers.

Final Words

          Although consulting and coaching are essentially two different methods of helping individuals to recognize and realize change, they employ the same ideology of helping the client achieve success and find a well-balanced lifestyle.  No matter area of consulting or coaching that you choose to focus on you will be assured of great personal success and satisfaction.  By now you will likely have found that your interests lean towards either consulting or coaching.  It is simply your individual preference and your own unique qualities that will be your deciding factor as to what direction you will take.

          Starting your own consulting or coaching business will be a career choice that you will never regret.  You will find personal satisfaction as you help individuals and corporations meet their goals.  You will experience your own level of personal growth while you grow more and more confident in your consulting or coaching techniques.  You will face many professional as well as personal challenges along the way.





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