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The costs involved in traditional publishing are high and publishers are extremely selective. Therefore, the percentage of authors that eventually succeed in getting their works published is extremely low.


Electronic publishing has removed much of the risk and costs attached to print publishing. The result being a far greater percentage of would be authors are now getting published.


Low Cost … High Margin


Once again, because the costs of electronic publishing are significantly low, an author can expect to receive a higher percentage of the income derived from the sale of an ebook. In fact, should authors decide to pay for the creation of their ebook up front and distribute the work themselves, they get to keep all the profits.


eBooks have a profit margin of almost 100%. This is enormous. This is aided by the fact that eBooks eliminate shipping and inventory costs. You can update the sell the same eBook for years and derive income out of it. The cost for revising an eBook is minimal. Besides, creating an eBook does not require any technical knowledge. Anyone can create and market it.


Third party publishers are more author-friendly


Authors who opt for third part publishing and creation are granted far greater room for discussion regarding the contract between the third party and themselves. Aspects such as electronic publishing and print rights, duration of contract, royalties, design input, advertising, marketing and distribution etc. are negotiated to the mutual benefit of both parties.


Authors are encouraged to be involved with the creation of their ebook to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.


An eBook can be completed and published fast


It can take anything up to two years for an accepted manuscript to go to print and reach the bookstores with a conventional publisher. eBooks can be published and up for sale within a few weeks. Self-publishers can be selling their ebook within weeks.


eBooks can be enhanced with Multimedia


eBooks have a decisive edge because it can include a variety of multimedia elements that will enhance the reading experience. Multimedia enhancements, such as animation, graphics, expandable photos, audio, short video clips, music, magnify font size and interactive navigational links are bonus features that elevate the electronic publication into a class on its own.


Authors can use these elements to illustrate the textual content more effectively

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