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Selling eBooks comprises of three phases. The first phase involves researching and developing an idea for the book, the second phase involves writing the eBook, and the third phase involves marketing the eBook. Let us try to understand each of these phases in detail.


The Internet is primarily used to communicate, entertain, educate and research. It is thus no wonder that information-intensive eBooks are the most popular online products at present. How do you decide on a subject for your eBook? The simple answer is research, research, and more research.


Your main objective is to write on a subject that has long term appeal. After all, you would like to derive as much profit out of your eBook as possible. It is thus necessary that your subject does not get outdated in a couple of months. The best way to choose a topic is to figure out what people look for. This can be done by analyzing top searches at Search Engines. Many search engines as well as other popular portals such as Search Terms keep a track of the most popular searches over a period. Besides, there are many other tools such the Keyword Live Software from Analog X that monitors top search terms at major Search Engines. You could use these lists to figure out the most popular subjects.


The next step is to carefully analyze some of the most popular subjects. You can use popular keyword search tools such as WordTracker or Overture’s Search Term Tool to determine popular search terms similar or relevant to the one’s you have listed. This will give you a much more specific and focused list to work from. However, deciding to write an eBook based on a popular search term may not be a very smart idea. The key is to establish the exact need of people. There may be many eBooks that target the same subject. However, most of them would probably be devoid of some aspect of the subject. Unless your eBook fills this void, it would not be a success.


Creating the eBook without any writing experience is not difficult. With a little bit of research and learning you can create an eBook that is workable. The toughest part is to get hold of a killer idea. After all, eBooks are all about ideas – the better your idea, the higher your sales.


Let us now look at some of the other strategies to generate ideas.


Print books can be written into eBooks. This certainly does not mean that you copy the print book and write it into an eBook. However, popular print books can often provide good ideas for an eBook. Browsing through your local book store or library may help. It may also be a good idea to check out the best-selling non fiction books every week.


Go to and see what books are available on various topics. See how they rank - the higher the rank, the more demand there is for that type of information. Then go to and see how many web sites there are with free information about that topic. Don't get discouraged if there are a great many -- oftentimes people would prefer an eBook they can read off-line, even if it costs a few dollars, rather then spending hours reading on-line.


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