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We touched this issue in the earlier section. You should always research the Internet to determine what eBooks sell the most. A particular topic may cater to a huge audience. There may be instances when you stumble upon an eBook that seems to be very interesting but has not sold enough due to poor marketing. Cashing in on such eBooks can skyrocket your income.


Online Message Boards and Discussion Forums are places people generally visit when they have a problem and need solutions. This is exactly what you want your eBook to address. Join public discussion forums and message boards and note various kinds of issues people have. This would give you a better idea of what kind of information people want. List out all the problems and try to develop a broad idea that addresses most of the concerns. Also, newsgroups as well as ezines may be a good source for ideas.


Take your general topic and brainstorm around it. Turn off the critical part of you mind for a moment, and just note down everything that comes to mind in association with that topic. Don't judge these initial ideas yet, but let them flow freely. No one will see these but you; they are fodder for further research, not refined search proposals. Take this list of general ideas and go through them one by one with a critical eye. Evaluate their merit as possible subjects for your book. Consider related ideas or concepts. Develop three or four ideas that hold potential as eBook topics.


Brainstorming is the activity that's going to yank that eBook idea right out of you so respect this step and do it right. A good brainstorming session can literally produce hundreds of good ideas.


One of the most popular formats for eBooks are instructional formats. These are eBooks that give readers a step-by-step logical approach to accomplish a task. With so much information available on the Internet, organizing this information to solve a problem has become a major issue. People have started paying for books that tell them exactly how to go about achieving a certain task. For instance, an eBook that lists a logical roadmap on how to buy or rent a home would sell much more than an eBook that simply lists a few tips for buying a home.


People look for a quick solution. Instructional eBooks provide just that!


You do not need a long list of ideas to start writing eBooks. A simple list of around 5 to 10 ideas would suffice. Mark out each of the topics that you feel passionate about or have some knowledge in. Shortlist a few ideas and research the web for any resources you may find on these subjects. Weigh the competition you may have for each of these ideas. Combine all of the above mentioned factors and single out ideas that you feel are most likely to succeed.


A few ideas to start with

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