STOP! You're spending too much on real estate leads!

Have you ever wanted to be able to increase your intake of quality real estate leads while spending less on advertising?

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There is no use selling eBooks that have outdated content. Information has to be constantly updated. Updating can inject new life into an eBook, and its newness can be used as a 'hook' to gain valuable free publicity. Besides, focus on subjects that are new and interesting. Age old topics would not attract many customers.


Do not price your eBooks too low


You may think that pricing an eBook would bring in more sales. This is not true as we discussed earlier. eBooks are all about how the customers perceive them to be. If you price your eBook very low compared to your competitor, a prospective customer might think that the eBook is not of good quality. Price your book competitively. Besides, your profit margin would be almost zilch with a low price.


Test your product


Testing frequently is crucial for succeeding in the eBook business. You do not want a situation where you have invested too much time, money and effort into your eBook only to find out that the topic of the eBook is outdated. The only way of avoiding this is to start with a simple eBook and gathering frequent feedback from your customers. This way you would find mistakes and areas for improvement until you have a proven seller in your kitty.


Test your marketing campaign


Like the product itself, your marketing campaign also needs to be tested frequently. You need to be extra cautious with the way you use your limited capital. You can lose a lot of money quickly, if not careful. Testing your marketing campaign would help you to figure out which strategies work well and which don’t. This will certainly maximize your ROI.





eBooks are great information products that sell extremely well if marketed properly. However, the transition from physical books to eBooks is a very slow one. Publishers have operated a very successful and orderly economic model for about 500 years now. You need a compelling commercial story to woo them into a different model.


The adoption of eBooks has been slower than expected. Nevertheless, the future for eBooks is very bright. More and more publishers are turning to eBooks. We find that eBooks now sell much more compared to a year or two ago. Many websites have come up that list innumerable eBooks. Publishers are fast accepting digital distribution.


eBooks have various advantages of the traditional physical book. However, there is a big room for improvement in the way eBooks are created and distributed. The downloading process needs to be simplified. The reading platforms have to be stable. Oddly, consumers don't voluntarily repeat disappointing shopping experiences. And it's repeat customers that the industry needs, in order to grow and be real.


As the eBook range grows and the process of creating, publishing, buying and selling eBooks improves this low cost channel will certainly come into its own.

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