STOP! You're spending too much on real estate leads!

Have you ever wanted to be able to increase your intake of quality real estate leads while spending less on advertising?

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An Ezine can gain you a lot of insight into your target audience. Like I said earlier, the data that can be collected about your readers through ezines is crucial. However, you have to understand that any unauthorized use of the information you collect from your subscriber’s is considered felony and you can be prosecuted by law.  Hence, you should judicially use all that information.




You may have multiple reasons for starting an Ezine, but you cannot focus on all aspects at the same time.  Keep all your reasons at the back of your mind, but focus on that one reason, which motivated you to create your own Ezine.  Throughout your campaign, you must stick to that singular reason, come up with ways to be resourceful, and devise a plan that ultimately helps you reach your goal. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Most successful publishers would disagree.


Ezine publishing requires considerable dedication and careful planning. There are numerous strategies, tips, and guidelines out there on how to be successful in this business – some really good and some really dire! This is where you would find this eBook so useful! It presents a number of proven tactics based on successful models. It goes beyond the haze and claims of many experts and tries to put before you a plan that actually works. So let’s get started!


When you have your goal in mind, the first thing you need to work out is determine your target customers and their demographics. I can’t lay enough stress on this phase. Most publishers tend to ignore this absolutely vital aspect and eventually suffer.  See if your ezine is for young people, middle-aged or old people.  People of a variety of age groups use Internet so don’t restrict your mindset.  Will your Ezine be read by those who are experts or just plain amateurs?  Are your readers going to be active shoppers? Bored housewives? Students looking for information that can be used in school projects? Freelancers? The range is almost boundless.  Make sure that you are targeting the right age group and right type of readers, so that your Ezine reaches where it should reach.


Once you have enough information with you, you need to at least have a name for your Ezine!  The name for your Ezine must not be misleading or excessively flashy.  It should give a clear idea to your readers about what to expect when they start reading the Ezine. 


An ezine that gives information about the stock market should not be titled ‘Tips and tricks on how to make big bucks!’ Although, you might feel that you are giving them valuable tips about the stock market, it does not mean that they will make big bucks!  The key is to have a title that justifies its claim. Simply put, your Ezine can be titled ‘Tips and tricks of stock market investments’.


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