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When you send your Ezine to various subscribers it is important to identify whom your Ezine will be from.  This helps your readers relate more to your Ezine since it will appeal to them on a more humane level.  Even if your Ezine is from a company and not specifically from you, it still makes more sense to set the tone of your Ezine very interpersonal as if you are talking directly with the readers.


These are just a few pointers to help you get into the ezine mode. We will be discussing each of these and many more in detail as we progress through the eBook.




Ezine is ‘Electronic Magazine’ in abbreviated form.  It does what it says; it is a magazine in electronic format.  Just like a standard magazine subscription through postal mail, readers can opt to receive the Ezine regularly in their email inbox.  With Ezines, spam is not acceptable. Readers can cancel their subscription at any time with the Ezine publisher.


You can publish an Ezine on any topic you fancy.  Generally, an Ezine consists of two or three articles on the subject of the Ezine, a few relevant advertisements or classifieds, some information on the website that publishes the Ezine and information on how to cancel a subscription.


Most of the Ezines are free, but in order to pay the Internet writers, web space providers, Internet Service providers, and other expenses, you need to find out a way to balance out your expenses and earn desirable income to keep your Ezine publishing business afloat.

There are plenty of Ezine publishers all over the Internet. An Ezine acts as a platform for communicating with your readers, and how you utilize this platform depends on your foresight and the quality of information you provide.


The purpose of your Ezine is to establish your credibility as a reputed writer/publisher over the Internet.  Hence, it is advisable that you stick to writing effective articles that interest and amaze your readers.  You can also occasionally publish articles from guest writers, freelancers or articles that you can borrow from the Internet and publish them for free. 


One good strategy is to give a little bit of information about the author or article just before the article begins.  You may give your opinion about the article which gives an impression to your readers that you are extremely thorough and professional.

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