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Many bright young fellows work in banks as clerks and tellers. The prestige of being a bank employee appeals to the average young chap as few other jobs do.

Many years ago, I was helping a young salesman who was just getting started and we called on the cashier of the bank where we had our account. I asked him if he could recom­mend one of the younger men in the bank.

He said, "I'll tell you a fellow you should meet. It's George Perkins. He's bright as a dollar and a real worker too. He's taking a course in public speaking at the YMCA and just won a city-wide contest. He's also studying accounting through a correspondence school, and he's enrolled in the course of the American Institute of Banking.

We went over and introduced ourselves, telling him that his cashier had spoken so highly of him. He was pleased of course, and we made an appointment to tell our story. This led to future business, even though he was in no position to buy just then.

Now he is one of the senior vice presidents of the bank, has a fine home, attractive family, and the "goose hangs high."

How did this come about? You guessed it—he profitably employed his leisure time. While many of the clerks who started when he did were "having fun," he was enjoying him­self too, but in a different way.

132                                       UTILIZE YOUR LEISURE TIME


Many college accounting students take examinations to be­come Certified Public Accountants. The failure rate is terrific and it is also said that the average C.P.A. takes the examina­tions three times before he passes. The business world is full of low-paid bookkeepers and clerks who could just as well be highly skilled, well-paid C.P.A.'s if they'd study during some of their evenings and weekends.


The American College of Life Underwriters was conceived as an educational institution for life insurance salesmen who wished to raise themselves to a professional level.

The program is designed to cover a period of several years study, depending on the basic education and background of the salesman. The work is conducted entirely by correspond­ence. The satisfactory completion of the course as indicated by a series of five examinations entitles a man to the designa­tion, "Chartered Life Underwriter."

There is no complete college course where a man can take the work covered by these examinations, although many uni­versities offer classes that men can attend while they are work­ing as salesmen. Usually these are held in the late afternoon or Saturday mornings.

The "C.L.U." initials after the name of a life insurance man are becoming more and more evident among the leaders. At­torneys, C.P.A.'s, trust officers, and bankers are well aware that the life underwriter who has gone to the work to study and secure the C.L.U. designation is likely to be a most com­petent man.

With rare exceptions every C.L.U. attained the designation by studying while he was also making a living as a salesman. It has been definitely proved that this study has increased the

UTILIZE YOUR LEISURE TIME                                         133

average income of men, not only after they completed the work, but also during the time they were actively studying.

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