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2.    A typical high-class salesman credited most of his success
to his pride in himself and his desire to be worthy of the
good opinion of those who knew him.

3.    A pride in achievement will spur a man on to victory. Once
he forms the habit of winning, he'll keep on winning.

4.    The real champions love to win. Their pride won't let
them relax and accept defeat without a struggle.

5.    A leader is proud of his integrity, his industriousness, his
decency, his judgment, and the impression he makes on
those who observe him.

6.    Pride in one's self is a source of strength and should be
cultivated by all men who want to come out on top.





The Pot of Gold

There's an old familiar legend that if one can reach the foot of the rainbow, he'll find a pot of gold. Every schoolboy dreams of getting It, but soon learns that as he approaches the place where the rainbow ends, it advances away from him.

But in the case of THE SALESMAN'S RAINBOW OF SUCCESS this is not true. The salesman who develops his "success rainbow" will cer­tainly find his pot of gold. Here are his "colors" again—

RED—Spirit, courage, ambition, perseverance, enthusiasm







By keeping these colors bright and vivid, a salesman cannot fail. He will succeed far beyond his fondest hopes, and will reap a reward not only in gold, but in satisfaction and happiness. For the man who wants to get to the top, the sky's the limit. Good* luck!


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